Privacy Notice

Simon Tordoff Ltd. keeps medical records and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


We hold your medical information so that we can provide you with safe care and treatment. 


We will collect information about you and your health in order to treat you and use it within the data protection laws. We will share your information only with people who will be looking after you (Spire Hospital, doctors, nurses, and staff) and those who pay for your treatment, the NHS, your GP and the departments working with them. 


You have the right to object to information being shared between healthcare providers giving you direct care, however, this may affect the care you receive. Please speak to us if this is an issue.


The protection of your information is of paramount importance to us. We make sure it is secured safely and that anyone who uses your information is entitled and trained to do so. 


You can make an access request for your information and can also ask for any errors or mistakes to be appropriately corrected. We will send you copies of the letters sent to your GP and other clinicians.