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Dr Simon Tordoff


 Consultant in Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine

On this site, you can find information on various conditions and treatments relevant to Dr Tordoff's field of expertise.


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Chronic pain that is mainly in the arm, hand and fingers

Pain conditions caused by cancer or treatments for cancer

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Chronic pain conditions of the face and mouth

Widespread musculoskeletal pain and its associated symptoms

Chronic pain in the groin and after operations for hernia repair

Occipital neuralgia and stress-related headaches

Neuropathic pain after shingles

Osteoarthritis causing chronic knee pain. Chronic pain after injury or following joint replacement operation

Chronic pain in the leg caused by nerve root compression or inflammation. 

Chronic pain in the lower back 

Lumbar facet joint pain 

Mechanical back pain

Chronic pain in the neck and shoulders

Cervical facet joint pain

Pain conditions caused by damaged nerves

Chronic pain in the shoulder region

Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint 

Pain from damage to the rotator cuff muscles. 


Chronic pain in the testicles 

Chronic pain after vasectomy operation

Neuropathic pain in the branches of the Trigeminal nerve (Tic douloureux)